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No Super PACs—just One America. Rosalind Greene Presidential Campaign- One America for All Americans and Non-Americans doesn’t take or want a penny from Super PACs or special interest groups. One America got this and is not for sale. Give any amount, today to fuel One America's grassroots campaign for Rosalind.

Thank you and I LOVE YOU AMERICA! Believe in me, trust me with your vote and I promise you that I will work hard and fight smart for YOU!

Press Release:

Rosalind F. Greene Announces Candidacy for 2020 Presidential Election

Rosalind F. Greene, Democratic candidate for U.S. President in 2020, is kicking off her campaign with an ONE AMERICA FOR ALL AMERICANS TOUR in the fall of 2017.


Originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Greene has been a nurse and is a military veteran, having served in the Army and the Air Force as a Captain and a Registered Nurse. She obtained an undergraduate degree in nursing from Austin Peay State University and completed advanced graduate coursework in Public Policy and Public Administration at George Mason University.  She is running on a platform of inclusion for all Americans, with an emphasis on access to quality healthcare. She also pledges a commitment to reduce divisions resulting from party affiliations.


In the announcement of her candidacy, Greene says: “My real purpose is to be the President of one America for all Americans, as well as all non-Americans that have embraced America as their America. And I know that in this office, one has the power to unite America’s divisions and to bring about the unity that the free world yearns. I feel strongly in my heart that if I can’t truly be America’s President, I will not consider my application for this job. I believe that my intense ambition and conviction to tour around the United States of America to meet with the American people will rocket my candidacy for Presidency in front position to win both the nomination and the 2020 election. I genuinely believe the Democratic Party must restore and unite America as one America for all Americans and for all non-American people that have embraced America as their America. It is time to unite these great divisions that have brought about immeasurable bitterness amongst the American people.”

Greene goes on to state her conviction that the Democratic Party needs to be the party for all the American people, not just the “Blue States.” For that reason, she has committed herself to the “ONE AMERICA FOR ALL AMERICANS TOUR” to build trust and to address issues such as the aging population, underpaid jobs, costly education, affordable healthcare, wealth inequality, and climate change.

Greene closes her announcement by asking for support for her campaign. “In closing, I urge you to look into your purses, wallets,  tables, floors, streets, sofas, desks, piggy banks and send any amount that to you can afford to and or

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